A few tricks that will help novices and old-timers on the roads.

roadDefrost a car lock.
If your car does not spend the night in the garage, in the winter time often icing on the lock prevents to open the door. If there are no special means to defrost, then the usual hand sanitizer will fit. The fact is that this means comprises an alcohol capable to defrost the lock quickly. It is enough to put means for the key. By the way, you can use also a strong alcoholic drink.
Polishing of the headlights.
If your car’s lights are dimmed, then do not just run to the store and buy an expensive car polish optics. It is suffices to use simple toothpaste. Put a little on a cloth and polish the headlights, which after some time will shine like new.
Straighten of dent.
Small dents on the car body can be fixed by the usual plunger. And if there is air-power one, the effect will be much faster and better.