The most useful and useless options in the car.

useless options in the carEven low cost modern cars are equipped with a long list of options, and what to speak of premium cars. However, many of the features of the vehicle are rarely used by owners or they do not use them at all.
Authoritative analytical agency J.D. Power and Associates surveys of about 4.2 thousand motorists and rating the utility options of car.

Thus, the top most useless vehicle options:

43% have never used help desk built-in multimedia system (MMC).
38% do not use wireless access points to the network.
35% do not apply in practice the automatic parking system.
33% do not need a head-up display.
32% do not see the use in mobile applications, which are built into the standard MMC.
Top of the most useful options of car:
87% does not imagine a car without a system for monitoring the dead zone.
87% actively use fuel economy indicator.
86% reported the use of lumbar support.
84% enjoyed the ability to connect MMS to the mobile phone.
82% use the parking sensors.