2005 Hyundai Santa Fe headlight assembly Replacement

All right today we have a 2005 Santa Fe as he sees headlights are just. Their yellow there beaded they’re also going to makes her look like new again on the front and back with new headlights and it’s a really easy job. Very open. 1 tool for this job it’s a 10 millimeters socket and a ranch erratic. Get free both on here. What you have those loose. I The whole 2005 hyundai santa fe headlight assembly. We go in the end it’ll come right out now on the back here. You have the 2 plugs. Yeah this one main plug here. And a smaller plug here. Disconnect it. And that’s our own headlights. We’ll get a new one. You see here the difference between the new and old headlight big huge difference. Can make this car. The headlights at night time much brighter.

2005 Hyundai Santa Fe headlight assemblyI have to do now is plug plug back in. I We go back into place. Right everything up. And put our boats and. Are we going to replace the driver’s side. Same process. At this. Like the other side we go now unplug your too close. Okay the eye 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe headlight assembly are in order to do now is once again stark is to adjust them properly and that is it. Then you can really see the difference here between that old and new. A reader and tosses old ones. Alright. And replacing headlights on this Hyundai Santa Fe is just that easy you’ll see the difference.

The brand new 2005 hyundai santa fe headlight assembly on it. I really makes a difference in the appearance of the car as well as safety because at night time to be able to see the road much better thank for watching and member keep 8:00 PDT wide outcome in mind next time you’re looking for thank you.