FORD TAURUSPremiere of front wheel drive car the Ford Taurus in station of wagon and sedan took place in 1985. Auto is different by futuristic design, devoid of the grille. After three years, the manufacturer has released a modification of a sports car – Super High Output – equipped with a 220-horsepower V6 engine.

In 1998, Taurus station wagon was filmed of the production. The second generation of car has appeared on the market in 1992. From its predecessor the new car was different by body design, an updated interior and modified chassis. Car length increased slightly. Also, the manufacturer, taking into account the sad experience of the past generation, began to use coated body for Ford Taurus, in order to avoid corrosion. In 1995 sports modification Taurus SE sedan was released. A year later the third generation of the car in the sedan and station wagon was born.

A special feature of the generation was cabin ventilation filter, available to this day. Fourth generation Taurus World debut was held in 1999. This generation of cars has become more refined and richer with 2004 Ford Explorer headlights. And in 2002, trying to attract new customers, the company began to offer free parts for their cars. Subsequently, the model was updated again in 2008 and 2010.