Chevrolet Impala 2014 Review

New cars on the market today have the heritage of the Chevrolet Impala this nameplate has been offered on and off for over 50 years this version of the car it’s a large front wheel drive sedan it’s based on a platform that dates back to Lee eighties. I have a long history is one thing but having up today cars another so healthy empower doing. One way they empower is. Is one of the lab. Pushrod V6 By the 3.5 liter, but it doesn’t really provide much more power than most for some orders fuel economy is not all that impressive part of that is because in Palo using a 4 speed automatic most modern sedans they’re using a 5 speed or 6 speed or CBT however you look at it the drive train definitely behind the times. You can say the same about handling the empowered feels clumsy there’s quite a bit body lead there’s not much steering feedback.

Chevrolet Impala 2014Steve body Roland slow steering didn’t really help him pal around our track. Pretty good grip and standard stability control did keep the empower secure. Empower suspension is unsettled now there is some absorption of bombs here but there’s a water rocking in Bob it’s not a well controlled ride. Impose a reasonably quiet inside but some wind and road noise are apparent thing is most big American sedans quieter inside then that’s. When you think big American sedan you think roomy rear seat unfortunately the impala doesn’t have one getting in the back it’s tough there’s a small entryway once you’re back here seek questions not all that comfortable there’s just adequate headroom not a Lotta leg grimmer toe room there are many smaller sedans that have a much roomier rear seat then this. Being firm flat front seats they don’t do much to hold you in place in the corners another thing are testing power cost over $29000 sticker price.

Now it has a luxury package. New HID Impala headlights and Tail led lights.Spike that recline for the front seat its manual it’s not power seems kinda cheap. Another big disappointment for the prices interior fit and finish. Sure the dashboards padded and the switch gear has pretty good tactile feel but there’s big gaps between a lot of panels no one of the edges aren’t well finished. Another shortcoming the steering wheel doesn’t telescope it only tells. A telescope steering wheel pet stand in almost every modern family sedan. One good thing those at the palace controls are pretty simple this radio it’s easy to use high up in the dash a complaint though the sliding climate controls are finicky hard to adjust them especially when you’re moving.

One other interior annoyance is there’s no gear indicator next the shift lever this one dash board but there should be one next the shift lever to. Probably the biggest advantage of empower this and has a big trunk you can fit 5 full size suitcases in here if you need room for more the backseat folds flat. Yeah. So the empowers big trunk might be an asset when you rented on your next business trip but this car just doesn’t offer much to the buyer even though has a V6, a lot of 4 cylinder family sedans there faster and a lot cheaper even those cars big outside its small inside know the words most family sedans they offer a lot more than me in power including Chevrolets own Malibu.